Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy resale?

Smart shoppers have discovered resale shops and you should too. Here are a few reasons why:
*Quality: If you value the quality of better label clothing, resale can be your secret budget.
*Savings: At prices ranging from 50% to 80% off, your clothing dollars go further in resale.
*Bargains: abound in resale every day. You don’t have to wait for a sale.
*Variety: In resale shops, there are more choices of colors, styles, designers than any mall store can offer.

What is the difference between buy outright and consignment?

An outright buy means we will evaluate your items while you wait in the boutique and make you an offer. If the offer is accepted, you will be paid CA$H on the spot!

Consignment means that you must wait for items to sell before receiving any money, typically a 90 day period. If the items do not sell after a designated period of time, they can be picked up from the store or donated to charity. 

What items do you take?

We accept clothing (including bathing suits) shoes, tights, pajamas, dancewear and gymnastic apparel. We also accept Melissa and Doug puzzles (new and gently used) books and other games and puzzles that are brand new, never opened.

We do not accept toys, baby equipment, bedding, maternity clothing, feeding equipment, or stuffed animals (used).

I heard you are super picky and items have to be in "almost new" condition. What does "almost new" mean? 

It is true, we are super picky... but so are our shoppers. Their buying power dictates the standards in our boutique and they will pay more for items that are in "almost new" condition. So if you have apparel that is returned to you as "no thank you" items, please understand that it is never personal and is based on experience of what will sell.

"Almost new" refers to clothing and other items that are in such good condition they could be mistaken for new items. Our shoppers refuse to buy items that have spots, stains, odors, wear or damage.

"Damage" is displayed in many forms: for fabric it could be something such as a hole, pilling, a shiny or darker area than the rest of the garment, snaps and buttons missing or broken, or a ring around the collar.

Damage could also refer to excessive wash and wear, missing beading or rhinestones, sequins, fraying on the bottom hem of pants and thinning fabric in the knees of pants.

For shoes, damage could be worn heels or soles, or a footprint embossed in the shoe bottom liner or worn scratches in the leather.

If you are not sure whether an item would pass our shoppers criteria, bring it with you and we can assist you in deciding if the items are marketable.

How much may I bring? May I bring all seasons?

We do not place a limit on the number of items that you may bring in at a time. However, if you are planning on bringing in a large amount of items to sell, please call and let us know beforehand so that we may prepare our buyers and space for your items.

We buy all seasons, all year round! 

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